Have you recently completed your undergraduate studies in Fashion Industry? Or are you a person looking for a career change and considering the fashion industry?
Whatever the case is, you need to have a clear goal about the position you want to start your career in this industry.
To help you choose the best position, we have come up with job ideas. Here are the 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Fashion Industry.

  • Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are responsible for developing a variety of clothing and accessories that make up the fashion industry. These designers usually select a theme for their collections and then create designs of their pieces and pick their preferred materials and fabrics. They generally oversee the production procedure of their portions and then sell their work to outlets and/or consumers. 

Fashion designers use their skills, vision, creativity, and passion to design new fashion trends and styles for their desired clients and audience. High-end fashion designers work for larger creative, unique, innovative, authentic designs in the market for the end customers.

The average salary for a fashion designer is £49,300 ($62,700). This makes it the most high-profile job within the whole industry, and one of the highest paying jobs in the UK.

  • Fashion Photographer

Average salary: £34,000 ($43,200)

Fashion photography differs from typical portrait or landscape photoshoots. In this field, you work closely with art directors, models and make-up artists to create the ideal photo for your client. You’ll want to have innovative ideas and have the ability to shoot models, mannequins and still-life pictures of garments. However, your images can get brilliant exposure through advert campaigns and the press, which means that it can be a tremendously pleasing career.

Once you are recognized as an established photographer, you may get to work with some of the top fashion designers and journey to extraordinary places for trend shoots.

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  • Model

Models strut down runways, displaying off apparel and accessories to possible buyers, and pose for pictures used for promotional activities, such as catalogue spreads and marketing pieces. If you are fortunate enough to wreck into the A-list of the modelling world, you can expect to rake in some serious cash. 

Fashion models are the face of a company – they promote clothing, accessories or shoes through a variety of ways of marketing, along with magazines, websites, social media and billboards. To be successful in this field, you’ll need the proper ‘look’ and ought to have a portfolio of photographs easily available. 

The average salary for a fashion model is £33,200 ($42,200)

According to Forbes Magazine’s 2018 listing of the world’s top-earning models, the number 1 took home an estimated $22.5 million (www.forbes.com).

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