Primark is one of the fast fashion retailers known in Europe and US. Have you ever wondered shopping in a big store where you can quickly forget about the thing you wanted and hop on to other things? Primark’s shopping experience is unique and incomparable to any other. You have to be prepared mentally and physically for shopping at Primark. We advise you to stay away from Primark on weekends and Thursday night. If you want to have some peace in your shopping, try to shop there in the early morning as you’ll enjoy the calm before the storm.

But if you somehow want to have a kind of mental shopping experience and manage to get in the Primark church street branch in Liverpool on Saturday these 13 things are guaranteed which you’ll have to face:

Primark Church Street

1.   You can’t find the size you want in huge stack of denim

It doesn’t matter how many times the shop assistants fold and pile up the jeans; you’ll always find them in a tangled heap within seconds. You spend a lot of time in finding your size through the heap, but there are none of your sizes.

2.   You are unable to decide the colour of something you want to buy

If you want to purchase a t-shirt and you can’t decide which colour to buy you end up in buying several colours as it is so cheap, doesn’t matter.

3.   You can afford to buy several shoe pairs only at Primark

Primark is offering cheap versions of expensive shoes in other shops. You can buy more than one shoe pair because you know this low-price shoe won’t last long.

4.   You want to take the lift but end up in going through stairs

You want to go to the fourth floor by the lift but there is already much people outside the elevator waiting for their turn, and finally, you decide to go through the stairs.

5.   You have to call your mate because you lost her

You start off with your mate, but after some time, he/she is nowhere in your sight.

6.   You decide to swerve the fitting rooms

After seeing the long queues outside changing rooms, you have to buy the clothes without trying.

7.   You feel like you want to kill yourself

You feel like to shoot the one who is coming in your way or you want to kill yourself when one is taking too long to the stuff you want to look.

8.   You decide not to come again on Saturdays

Finally, you decide not to come again on Saturday a warn your peers through social media.

9.   While in queue you pick some extras

Standing in line until check out you grab a pack of chewing gum or other extras.

10.Seeing bill and thinking “unbelievable.”

Hard to believe the checkout bill but you keep on consoling yourself that you’ll return few of the products.

11.You try to make your fella happy by sending emojis and hearts

Waiting outside isn’t an easy task, so you make your fella mood better by texting emoji’s, kisses, and hearts

12.Checkout assistant will make you happy

Checkout assistants at Church Street are well trained to chat and compliment customers. In the end, they make your mood high again.

Take a deep breath as you make your way out of the store