We know that science is valued by society because the application of knowledge regarding science helps to satisfy the basic needs of humans and improve their living standards. Scientific methods are very useful as they help us to find the cure for different severe diseases such as cancer. Every day, people around the globe are coming up with new ideas to make their future brighter. We have put together a list of some useful new science ideas that will surely change the world in upcoming years.

New Exciting Science Ideas:

Have a look on to the list that will let you know the new ideas in science.

Artificial Eyes Look to the Future:

Bionic eyes have been the mainstay of science fiction for decades and now in the real world, different searches are started to know the insights. Bundles of technology are coming to the market that open the different kinds of vision impairment. The researchers of Montash University are working hard on the trials for a system that incorporates cameras with the glasses. It sends the information directly to the implant that sits on the surface of the brain for providing the rudimentary sense of sight.

Human-Powered Wearables:

In today’s science world, scientists have found ways that can harvest the energy of a person he spends during exercising and that turns the energy into electricity. There is no one right now who will plug himself into the grind but the researchers believe that they will succeed to power the heart-rate monitor or fitness tracker. 

Airports for Drones and Flying Taxis:


The congested cities desperately demand fresh air and relief from polluted environments. This science idea of developing a different kind of transport hub to get relief from pollution is now becoming a reality. The idea is based on the pilot scheme & hopefully it would be a proof of the concept for the company behind the idea. It is completely powered by a hydrogen generator. Basically, the idea is to remove the delivery vans & personnel from the roads by replacing them with small aircrafts.

Energy storing bricks:

Storing emerging by bricks is a very unique science idea though we can store energy to power the appliances. Scientists have found a way by which energy is stored though the red bricks. The researchers of Washington university have found a method that can turn the building material into smart bricks so that they can work like a battery to store energy.

Sweat Powered Smartwatches:


Engineers of University of Glasgow worked hard and developed a new type of flexible super capacitor that stores energy. It can be charged completely from the 20 micro-liters of fluid and is robust enough to survive 4,000 cycles of the types of flexes. The device works by the coating of polyester cellulose cloth within a thin layer of polymer that acts like the supercapacitor electrode.


In this article, we have discussed five best science ideas that will change our future. We knew that a young mind is sharper as compared to the other age groups.  They have the ability to learn & act quickly. The today’s education system is based on books but with the change of time these geniuses choose to take different paths and prove their intelligence. They always picked machines over books as well as science ideas over words. When they grow up, they will surely make remarkable progress by using the new science ideas.