5 Things to Know Before Studying in Italy

5 Things to Know Before Studying in Italy


Study in Italy

Do you intend to pursue a master’s or Ph.D. in Italy? Italy is more than just eating pizza, riding a gondola through Venice’s canals, or admiring Michelangelo’s artwork. According to overseas education consultants in India, Italy gives students excellent study abroad opportunities, especially for those with an interest in the arts. Here are 5 things you should be aware of before studying abroad in Italy.

Environment for Study in Italy

When visiting Italy, you must adjust to the local fashion, cuisine, and culture. This post is the ideal resource to aid you in living la dolce vita if you intend to travel to Italy soon to study.

Information to Consider Before Choosing to Study Only in Italy

Ready to pursue an Italian study abroad programme? Here are 5 things you should be aware of before going.

Why Italy for Study Abroad?

Learn Italian:

Similar to “When in France,” isn’t it usually advantageous to be familiar with the local language when visiting a nation like Italy? Even though the majority of city dwellers are proficient in English, they value visitors who are bilingual. Even saying “Good Morning” or “Buongiorno” will win them over. When dining at a local restaurant or buying at the market, having some knowledge of Italian would be helpful.

Negotiating in English can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a native speaker. However, with the right words and phrases, it is possible to get the deal you want! In this blog post, we will discuss helpful English phrases you can use to negotiate a better price when shopping or haggling.

Proper clothing:

With its fashion, Italy ranks as one of the most well-known nations in the world. Dress them up if you want to mix and match and live an Italian lifestyle. Italians enjoy wearing heels, boots, coats, and other fashionable clothing all year round.

Smart Travel Package:

What to bring is among the most crucial things you should understand before visiting Italy. We always advise students to bring fewer clothes to Italy because they have a propensity to buy local Italian stuff once they arrive. Here are some “must-haves” for Italy rather than stuffing your suitcases with clothing and accessories for the latest trends-

  • All international cable adapters for prescription medications.
  • Shoes that make walking comfortable

Be Prepared To Travel Long Distances

Italy is just as convenient for pedestrians as any other nation in Europe. There is nowhere for individuals to drive to work or school. In order to reach this location, one must walk for at least 30 minutes through each city. As a result, it’s important to keep up one’s health and wear comfy shoes.

You can always use Italian trains, buses, and other types of public transportation to go around the Italian peninsula if you don’t intend to walk vast distances. You can explore destinations in Italy with the use of a map and your knowledge of the area’s locations.

Smartphones / Smartphones not:

If you believe you know how to get by in a strange nation like Italy. Like the UK or the US, this place is not a hub for technology. Although it does not support Wi-Fi, it has access to all other systems. The lives of people are negatively affected by the lack of internet in distant locations.


You must be cautious about how the natives dress, what they eat, how they eat, and even what language they speak if you wish to study in Italy. It will be simpler to get around and take advantage of local life while study in Italy if you understand the fundamentals.