Organic Vegetables

Benefits Of Growing Organic Vegetables


Organic farming also known as ecological farming or biological farming is a traditional way of agriculture that is practiced worldwide. It promotes pesticide-free and chemical fertilizer-free farming which creates ecological balance and conserves biodiversity. Today people are practicing this farming widely to grow organic food. Yes, the yield is less but it doesn’t affect health. Organic vegetables and fruits have now become the mainstream diet of people. To get protein and supplements for Pets, You need to visit our website

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With the development of agriculture, new modern practices came into play and made farming easy. Hydroponic and aeroponics are examples of such modern practices in which we grow fruits and vegetables in water solution and air respectively in the absence of soil.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of organic vegetables and fruits

Delicious Taste

We go to the supermarket and most often see perfectly shaped vegetables with a uniform look but don’t taste good. While in many places we find vegetables with no uniform shape but taste delicious. The latter one is organic vegetables. Its flavor resembles very much like commercially manufactured products. Fresh vegetables plucked straight off the vine, tree or plant taste delicious. Some fruits and vegetables need not be cooked, rather they can be tasted right there in the garden.

Good Health

As organic farming is free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and toxic chemicals. This will make sure that the vegetables will not contain any type of chemical residue even if it is not washed properly. Moreover, organic vegetables contain high content of vitamins and minerals than the yield produced with the help of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Organic farming is small-scale agriculture that assures you and your family the best possible healthier fruits and vegetables. In addition, you have practice exercises from planting the seed to the harvest process. Working in your garden will burn some extra calories and tone your body.

Money Saver

What is a plantation? It is a large group of plants or trees under cultivation. Planting your organic vegetable on your farm saves you money. Everyone wants that because purchasing organic products from outside like farmers’ markets, food stores, and supermarkets can cost more than 50% of your farm. Growing your own save money at the store, and you can use that money for other essential purposes like child education, savings, etc. In recent times when fuel prices are touching the skies, you won’t have to make trips for perishables. Moreover, maintaining the excess make your garden last longer, especially in the winter season. This will prevent you to purchase greenhouse vegetables from the store.

Spiritual Nature

Ask any organic gardener who grows organic vegetables on his farm, what he thinks about planting vegetables, tilling the soil, planting seeds, or pulling weeds. You will always get answers like “it gives me pleasure to grow plants on my farm”, ” I love to be in close contact with nature” or ” working in the soil makes me feel I am part of something big”, or “it’s meditative” and “my time of prayer”. This thinking gives you inspiration and motivation. It also helps you to enjoy your farming and grow vegetables with interest.


As we already discussed organic farming use no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, and none of these chemicals run off but settle down on the soil increasing its fertility. Lack of runoff of water benefits small animals, birds, and insects by not harming them. Organic farming adds organic matter to the soil preventing loss of soil fertility and soil erosion. Waste produced is called organic waste which is used in compost. By this, you are helping rid landfills of wastes that would otherwise be taking up space.