Career Options After Class 12th

Career Options After Class 12th


In India, Class 12th is considered one of the most important classes. Board exams are there in the class 12th. The marks obtained in the class 12th decide which college you can go to. But many students often get confused about which stream to choose after class 12th. This is a very important and big decision as this one decision will decide your whole future. So today, in this article, we will see career options after class 12th.

There are various career options for the students. Career options depend on your stream in class 12th. In India, there are mainly 3 streams: Science, Commerce, and Arts. All three streams have different career options. So let’s see some of the best career options for students after class 12th.

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Career Options after Class 12th 

1. Government Exam

In India, preparing for the government exams after class 12th is one of the most common things. Millions of students enroll in different coaching institutes to prepare for the government exams. There are many types of government exams like SSC, CDS, Bank PO, and many others. 

This is a perfect option if you want stability in your life. You have to work extremely hard to get a government job today because the competition is high. Million students give exams, and only a few hundred are selected for the final list. So you can imagine the level of competition you are going to face. But once you are selected for the government exam, your life will be at ease. You don’t have to worry a lot. Government employees get a decent salary, and the work pressure is not high. You can live your life tension free. Get expert advice

2. Prepare for UPSC

This is also a government exam, but I discuss it separately because it is not an ordinary exam. This is a very special exam conducted by UPSC. The students who clear the Civil Services Exam will work as IAS, IPS, IRS, etc. 

This is one of the toughest exams in the world. But once you clear UPSC, you will work in one of the most reputed services in India. The power and respect that an IAS officer receives is immense. You can not even imagine it. 

But it is not easy to crack UPSC. More than 1.5 million students fill out the form every year, but only approx 1000 students are selected for the final list. There is a cutthroat competition in UPSC. But if you have the right approach and a prepared strategy, you can clear this exam in the first attempt.

Students who prepare for UPSC need a lot of motivation. If you are one of them, you can read some education quotes from RepublicQuote. They have an amazing collection of quotes. Reading quotes will help you to stay motivated. Now moving on to our next career option.

3. Digital Marketing 

If you are one of those students who don’t like to study a lot and have no interest in a government job (like me), then this career option is for you. Digital Marketing is a very good career option in today’s time. As we all know, everything is going digital and there is a huge demand for digital marketers in the market. Companies are ready to pay a good amount of money to digital marketers if they have the required skills. 

If you are interested in this field, I will suggest that you join a good course to learn digital marketing. You can even watch videos on Youtube as a lot of content about Digital Marketing is also on Youtube. 

The digital marketing course is generally 3-6 months. I will suggest that after completing the course, you can join an internship and get some practical experience.

4. Trader

Trading is also a great career option. After the lockdown, people in India have now understood the value of trading and investing. Trading is easy, but you need to learn it from an expert who has good experience in trading. There are many courses available in the market. You can join the best according to you. There are many Youtube channels also from where you can learn.

I highly advise you to have proper trading knowledge before jumping into the market. The stock market is volatile, and you may lose all your money if you don’t have pepper knowledge. Once you have obtained good knowledge, then you can earn a good amount of money from trading.

5. Join Other Upskilling Courses

There are many upskilling courses like graphic designing, content writing, Numerology, Data Science, etc., which you can take and build your career. These upskilling courses are in huge demand in today’s time. Companies are ready to hire you at a handsome salary if you have the required skills. 

You can also start your own business and provide services to other people worldwide after learning these courses.

So these are some of the most popular career options available for the student after class 12th. Students of every field can enroll in these courses. Research well before selecting any career option.