Most played video games ever

Look, there are numerous methods for measuring the quantity of games sold with objectivity. Does the phrase “most sales” necessarily imply “most played” video games? No, we believe. A few things to look for in well-known video games include: acknowledgement of names. Note: If the discussion is about sports then I would recommend you to […]

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3d printing

How customized 3D-printed medications can reduce expenses and wipe out fakes

Albeit 3D imprinting in life sciences is generally connected with organs, of late, 3D-printed drugs are additionally getting momentum. We should figure out the advantages of this quickly developing tech arrangement that vows to settle the business’ assembling misfortunes. As the drug business creates some distance from large scale manufacturing towards a more customized model, […]

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Universal translator for all languages ​​in the world – Meta is already on!

The social media group Meta (Facebook) is working on its Metaversum , which is to include virtual work and leisure worlds in the future. According to Meta, this also includes a universal translator who masters all languages ​​in the world, no matter how rare, and translates them into other languages ​​in real time. Our ability to communicate is […]

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