Complete Guide on How Write an Abstract


What is an abstract?

An abstract is a concise summary of an academic paper. It contains a brief description of the whole project. Besides, it consists of three parts, an intro, body/research methods, and results/conclusions. The length must be around 300 words, and it should be easy to read for the readers.

A research task is challenging for every student. Although, many students can conveniently write an intro and other sections. However, when it comes to writing an abstract, they get puzzled. There is no doubt that most students are unaware of what actually an abstract is. They have no idea about writing a good abstract for their research paper. Sometimes, a student even thinks about whether I should ask friends to take Top Essay Writing so that I can learn to write an abstract. Perhaps now you understand how challenging it can be.

Perhaps you are one of those students who do not know anything about writing an abstract and seeking help. If so, this article will offer a complete guide on writing an abstract. So if you read it attentively, you can successfully compose a winning abstract and impress your professors. However, first, you should understand the meaning and purpose of an abstract in a research paper.

Research Abstract

Let’s imagine you have no idea what an abstract is. Well, to help you understand, it is a concise summary of your whole research paper. However, it plays a vital role in helping you approve your research work on the first attempt. An abstract mainly means to report everything in your research briefly. You will also have to describe the findings and methods. In simple words, it gives readers an idea of what the original research paper would look like. Therefore, if you compose a poor abstract, it will not convince the readers, and they will refuse to read more.

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I believe you understand what an abstract means and its role in research work. We can now jump toward offering you the guide to write it. So here is the complete guide we promised to provide in this article on writing an abstract. Ensure to attentively read the remaining post and follow the steps we offer below for a successful result.

Firmly Follow School’s Instructions

The purpose of an abstract in a research paper is to offer a research description, including the background, methods, conclusions, and findings. However, there is a specific approach to composing it, which relies on the academic field. That is why you should firmly follow your school’s instructions on writing a research paper. So make sure to follow the instructions and structure your school given you. This way, you will not get into trouble and fulfill your school’s demands.

Besides, keep in mind that you will not get a lot of space to write an abstract. It comes with a limited word count restriction which is around 300 words. However, your school can change the word count if they want to. That is why you must follow your school’s instructions instead of what you see on the internet as a standard research format.

You Must Start with an Introduction

Most students have this habit of writing the introduction section later and dealing with the body first. However, if you do this while composing an abstract, you may run out of space. Thus, you should start your work by the intro of the aims of your research briefly. You do not have to put uncountable words in the intro section or give background info. Instead, write an eye-catching intro while keeping in mind to keep it brief.

Body/Research Methods

When you get over your intro section, you will have the space to work on the body/research methods. You have to present the methods you chose to perform your research in your abstract paper, . Now, what most students do is that they take a lot of words to describe research methods in the abstract, while we know it must be around 300 words. Therefore, according to the given word count, you should describe research methods within one or two sentences.

If you wonder if one or two sentences is far less space to describe the research methods in the abstract, know that you only have to give an overview. Instead of defining everything, give your readers a roadmap.

Unique Terms

Perhaps you love to use unique terms and vocabularies in your work, which is totally okay. However, not everyone is like you, who are familiar with unique terms. So, if your work contains the specialized term, it is your duty to make the audience familiar with them. You can do this by offering a little separate section in your abstract, which has definitions of unique terms you used in your work.

Besides, you should be concise and plain in writing your abstract due to its low word count. You will understand why I suggested this when you have to describe your work with unique terms. Plus, you are not only creating a mess for yourself, but also for the readers.


Most students find it challenging to summarize the whole research’s results and present them briefly. Perhaps you wonder the same because of the complexity. However, if you plan to compose the findings briefly, you can thrive in it. Although, knowing that including all the results is not necessary for the abstract. Many students only highlight the results, and it also works fine. You only have to give the readers an idea about what you get nas a result after performing your research.


I believe the above guide helped you understand what an abstract is and how to write it. Although, writing an abstract is not a lengthy task, as it is only around 300 words long. However, the fact that you have to describe thousands of words of research work within 300 words makes it challenging. That is why most students get puzzled to write it. Luckily, you can follow the above guide to overcome the challenges you may get while writing an abstract for your academic paperwork.

Besides, if you think you cannot write a good abstract, no worries. As stated above, a student can ask friends to take Essay Help UK, same way you can also ask a research help service to compose a brilliant abstract. In simple words, you can hire an online research help service to get over this task.