Eduladder is Building ELADAR-Protocol for a Nonpredatory Internet.


Everyone’s dream is to get proactive behavior on the internet where no one is ever tracking anyone in a predatory manner.  Eduladder which is an internet forum something like quora or stack Overflows is in existence with over a billion users so far claiming to be Eduladder is a community of students, teachers, and programmers.

We help you to solve your academic and programming questions fast. Is started working on an ELADAR- Protocol Which is a decentralized, secure, and efficiency-enhanced Web3 NoSQL database powered by IPFS as the data storage layer https://ipfs.io/, and the Cardano blockchain as the rewards token platform, https://cardano.org/. It provides a JSON-based, IPFS layer 2 solution for data indexing and retrieval in an ‘append only’ file system built with open-source Node.js API libraries.

Earn Money by ELADAR Tokens:

ELADAR tokens are designed to incentivize community members as proof of contribution. Using that they can access different infrastructures built on top of ELADAR. Using this You can, Buy courses, Reward others, and exchange them for real money. You can perform various tasks by using the ELADAR tokens and earn money. The amount of money earned by a person also depends upon the person’s ability and learning a new way to communicate to perform tasks. 

For example, if a student is finding it difficult to solve a task or project, you as an ELADAR token can help the student. In response to your services, ELADAR pays you. If you are not performing the task yourself and recommending the incumbent to another person. So being an intermediary to the service, the ELADAR recognized your service and reward you.

How you Can Contact Clients?

ELADAR may be new to some people, you may wonder how to contact the clients and customers. For example, if you are a Marketing Manager and want to sell your service to the ELADAR forum. Then inform the ELADAR forum management and present your services, you may see thousands of queries regarding your specific category. It may be possible, a brand or a company finds it difficult how to advertise its product and services on Social Media. Being a Marketing Manager, you may contact the brand or company and hire their services. 

You can present various alternatives to the brand and solve its problem. Then ELADAR would reward you for your services, and you may make the company your clients in the future. You may see it as a difficult process, but once you have done it, it is a new way to earn and sell your expertise.

The Final Thought:

ELADAR tokens are a new way of making money, work like Quora and you need to find the services of the clients. This may look a little difficult but once you have done it, it becomes the easiest way to earn money.