How to Create a Presentable Instagram Account?


Page design on Instagram is an important component of promotion. An attractive visual will set you apart from the general background, and attract the attention of the target audience. And this is a guarantee of a large number of subscriptions, likes, and sales. You can make an aesthetic design without specific knowledge and skills.

In this article, you will learn what an ideal Instagram profile should look like. Get ideas and examples of original account design.

Setting up an Instagram account

We recommend dividing the profile transformation process into sub-items. Here is an example checklist:

  • Nickname and username
  • Account avatar
  • Page description
  • Links to the site and other social networks
  • Profile buttons
  • Menu from current stories
  • Igtv tab
  • Ribbon design

How to make a beautiful profile on Instagram

Username and nickname

The first step is choosing a nickname and username. The main thing here is not to complicate things. The name can be written both in Cyrillic and in Latin. Nickname – only in Latin.

The nickname is displayed in the header and link to the account, indexed by search engines. The page title should be unique, memorable, and simple. It is better to use one word, and without letters with double spelling in Latin. Users should easily pronounce it and find it in the search.

For a personal profile, you should choose a first and last name. For example, Johnny Depp’s account nickname is @johnnydepp.

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Instagram page name

The nickname of a business page is often the brand name. You can add a description of the subject of goods or activities to it. So, the Detsky Mir company chose the nickname @detmir_shop. For example, Lavaxgrll, a popular social media influencer, and model have used a very attractive page name for her account. So, your page name matters a lot.

A few more good examples: @flowers_cafe and @my_cake_kiev. Already from the nicknames themselves, it is clear what these accounts are about. Add a keyword to your nickname – this way you will take a higher position in the search.

The profile name should not repeat your nickname. You have only 30 characters at your disposal. Therefore, discard unnecessary emoticons and symbols, and display the main topic of the account. Add a few keywords to this column that reveal the scope of your activity. For example:

  • Makeup artist and stylist.
  • Online fashion store.
  • Lawyer.
  • Consultations.

Be sure to indicate if you provide services or sell goods at a specific location.

A blogger can write his real name, surname or his creative pseudonym.

Profile Image/Avatar

The image in the left corner of the profile is your face on Instagram. The selected photo should be clear and contrasting, without unnecessary details.

Users like to observe the life of real people. Therefore, for a personal profile, you should choose your portrait from an original angle.

Design Your Instagram Profile Header Beautifully

It can be unusual, for example, drawn – art avatars are now in trend. Ideally, the snapshot should reflect the theme of your blog. For example, a photographer with a camera, a pastry chef near the oven, a zoo volunteer with animals.

The best avatar for a business page is a photo of a top product or a company logo.

If you work for quantity, not quality, and you need many accounts with avatars at once, then you can use the profile photo generation function in the SocialKit program. This option can be activated during the mass registration of Instagram accounts.

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Profile Description

You have 150 characters to succinctly but succinctly describe yourself.

Answer the following questions to potential subscribers:

  • Who are you/your company?
  • What do you do?
  • Why are you interesting/useful?

An important role in the description is played by the call to action link at the end. For example, “Subscribe if you want to keep abreast of beauty news!”. Also in the bio, you can add a link to the corporate hashtag, and information about fresh discounts, promotions, and bonuses. For example, how did the Ozon online store?