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Most Important Python Features and How to Use them


Programming languages were previously only known to software developers. With the rise of new technologies, programming skills are now required for almost all non-developer jobs. As a result, a simple programming language that is easy to learn while also providing fast edit cycles and smooth development is required. Python is a language that can meet all of these requirements. Python is one of the top programming languages for 2020, according to the TIOBE Programming Community Index. Python’s popularity is growing as a result of its use in thriving fields such as AI, data mining, and numerical computing. 

Let’s start with Python’s features and benefits.

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Python Features and Advantages

The following are some of the Python features discussed below:

1. Easy to Code

Python is a high-level programming language that is simple to learn. Anyone can learn to code in Python in a matter of hours or days. It may take some time to master Python and all of its advanced concepts, packages, and modules. However, when compared to other popular languages such as C, C++, and Java, learning the basic Python syntax is very simple.

2. Easy to Read

Python code appears to be simple English words. There are no semicolons or brackets, and the code block is defined by the indentations. Simply by looking at the code, you can tell what it is supposed to do.

We will now investigate the following Python features.

3. Free and Open-Source

Python is developed under an open-source license approved by the OSI. As a result, it is entirely free to use, even for commercial purposes. Python is free to download and incorporate into your application. It is also free to modify and redistribute. Python can be obtained from the Python web developer.

4. Robust Standard Library

Python has a large standard library that anyone can use. This means that, unlike other programming languages, programmers do not have to write code for everything. Libraries are available for image manipulation, databases, unit testing, expressions, and a variety of other functions. Aside from the standard library, there is a growing collection of thousands of components available in the Python Package Index.

We’ll now go over the next Python feature.

5. Interpreted

When a programming language is interpreted, the source code is run line by line rather than all at once. Because programming languages like C++ and Java are not interpreted, they must be compiled before they can be run.