1. Laying On The Back With Support From The Knee.

For you to have a healthy back, it is recommended that lying on your back is usually the best position.

Lying on your back equally spreads your body’s weight and height. Furthermore, sleeping in this position also guarantees good alignment as well as pressure points of the spine, neck, and head.

To provide the extra support, you can place a pillow under the knees to help maintain the spine’s natural curve.

You should do the following to adapt a better sleeping position;

Lie down on your back, facing the roof and avoid moving your head from side to side.

Use a pillow to support both the neck and head.

Put a pillow below the knees for proper alignment of your spine.

Make sure there are no gaps left in between the mattress and your body, especially below the lower back. On this note, ensure that your mattress is supportive, an old mattress could need replacing, take a look at these Purple Mattress reviews and consider an upgrade.


  1. Lying Sideways With A Pillow Placed In Between Your Knees.

This common sleeping position might be popular, but it is also known to cause the spine to shift from its rightful position and can lead to other health complications such as straining of the lower back.

The solution to this problem is placing a pillow between both knees to help restore natural alignment. Placing a pillow helps raise the upper leg, and as a result, it restores the alignment of the spine, hips, and pelvis.

You can adapt to this helpful sleeping position by doing the following;

Roll to one side after getting into bed.

Support the neck and head using a pillow.

Look for a comfortable pillow and place it between the knees.

Make sure there are no gaps left by filling the mattress and your body with pillows, especially around the waist.

Those who are looking for a way to align their back can try and hug a large pillow placed against the chest as well as the stomach.

  1. Lying Down In A Fetal Position

Those who suffer from a herniated disc can try out sleeping in a fetal position.

People suffering from a herniated disc are required to adopt this fetal position and resulting in bringing more comfort since lying on this position aligns the spine and relieves joints.

In order to acquire this sleeping position, you should do the following;

Carefully get into bed and roll over towards one side.

Use a pillow to support the neck and head.

Bend both knees close to the chest so that your back acquires a straight position.

  1. Sleeping Facing Down With A Pillow Beneath The Stomach.

This position is usually considered the worst; however, you can try sleeping with a pillow beneath the stomach for those who find it hard to sleep. This method, however, assists in the alignment of the spine.

With people who suffer from a herniated disc or a degenerative ailment, this sleeping position greatly helps.

You are required to do the following in order to adapt to this sleeping position.

Rollover to your front after getting into bed

To uplift the mid-section, place a small cushion underneath your hips and abdomen.

  1. Sleeping While Facing Down.

Sleeping while facing down is not advisable, because it causes the spine to twist and add extra stress on the back, neck, and shoulders.

You can also use a cushion to support the forehead and allow air to circulate. Moreover, you can also do this while placing a pillow underneath the stomach. Also, it is advisable that you do this more often so that you can improve your overall health. You can also use these health  tablets so you can buy modalert 100 Mg. Which can be used for pains.

Do the following to adapt to this particular sleeping position:

Roll to the front once you get into bed.

Place a pillow beneath the hips and abdomen to raise your mid-section.

Create enough breathing space using a rolled-up towel by placing it under your forehead.

  1. Lie Down Backward To Attain A Reclined Posture.

Your lower back can benefit from lying down backward to attain a reclined posture, especially for those who suffer from isthmic spondylolisthesis.

It is also advisable to invest in a bed that is adjustable so that you can be able to sleep in a suitable position