In the year 1881, The metal detecting device was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and it is considered one of the topmost important inventions of the 21st century. The device is used for detecting the bullet lodged in the abdomen of President James Garfield. The metal detecting machine became one of the most important & life-saving of the modern age. Most commonly it is used for security purposes in crowded areas such as airports, stations, shopping malls, and many more. Now, the metal detector for kids & adults is used for the detection of metals from clothes & other products during the quality checks.

Metal/Needle Detection in Garment and Apparel Industry:

In the garment & apparel industry, metal detecting machines are usually used for searching for metals like needles, which may have been lodged during the finishing of garments accidentally. It becomes very beneficial for the garment companies to make a quality check on the clothes that are meant to be exported or sold and are devoid of all types of metal contaminants. If unwanted metal articles are found, it will impact the manufacturing company so badly. It will take the company towards the bad publicity and heavy financial losses as well. So that using the metal detector for kids & other different age groups is very beneficial in searching the metal contaminants from the clothes.

Different Technology Levels for Metal Detection:

There are three different levels of technologies in the market for detecting metals.

Basic Level Technology:

In the most basic technique for metal detection, the metal detector for kid’s clothing is moved manually nearby over the garment that is laid out on the table. These types of machines are very handy & portable and enhance the ease of operation. The electric charge is sent to the ground via coils and back to the coils from the ground.  The metallic object of the device interrupted the signals that resulted in the unit creating an audio sound. Usually, this type of machine is fitted with a microprocessor that enhances the detecting ability.

Intermediate level Technology:

In the conveyor type of metal detector for kids & all ages clothing, each garment is passed through the tunnel-like machine. The feed device here is said to be the conveyor belt. Alarm machines utilize flashing lights, computers, sirens, and flag drops that are designed to grab the attention of the quality checker for checking the presence of metal particles. Usually, the metal detecting machine is used in many garment units nowadays. The state-of-the-art technology is characterized by microprocessor-controlled metal grabbing equipment.

Advanced level Technology:

The hanger-type metal accessories detecting machine is the most advanced detection system that inspects the garments bypassing the hanging clothes on the hangers through the tunnel. The tunnel-like “metal detector for kids” structure of the device uses advanced sensors for the detection of metals. This product is a fully automated detection system that minimizes manual handling and increases the rate of performing the tasks. It can detect contaminants as minute as1.0 steel and also ensures total quality control.


Metal detection quality check plays a vital role in the checking of metals in the garment manufacturing companies, which produce apparel for babies or kids. The reason behind the usage of metal detectors for kids is that the company exports the apparel to different countries because these countries accept those clothes that have gone through a quality check.