Nitin Soni Compelete Biography: Founder – NS Article


When we use the Internet, most of the people use Google the most. Google has become the world’s largest search engine, but bloggers play an important role in its popularity. Their knowledge, research and experience give accurate information to the Internet users.

Due to the use of Google in India, Hindi is searched the most on Google, in which many Hindi bloggers of India have played an important role. The way this search engine supports Hindi language, it has become useful among the citizens of India. increasing regularly

In today’s time, Hindi blogging has started emerging rapidly on Google. There are many big bloggers in India whose popular blogs rank well in the search engine Google. One name in the list of such Indian bloggers is that of Nitin Soni who is emerging rapidly. is becoming popular

The main reason for the popularity of Nitin Soni’s name and his identity among the people of India is his Hindi article publishing platform NS Article where he publishes articles regularly.

Any blog on the internet is identified by its work. Similarly, due to the important articles of NS Article, it is more popular among the people of India. Indian users regularly get information by reading this blog.

Who is Nitin Soni?

Nitin Soni is popular all over the world as a content writer. He is currently working as a writer on his own Hindi blog NS Article. He likes to share his experience with internet users.

He keeps improving his experience in many subjects continuously. On his popular blog NS Articles, he also gives information related to many subjects to the internet users which includes business, technology, blogging, earning money, relationship and others.

Biography of Nitin Soni

When our reporter interviewed Indian blogger Nitin Soni, we got a chance to understand about his nature. His nature is better with everyone. He gives more importance to good relations with everyone in his life.

Nitin Soni was brought up in Meerut district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. He has always been good in reading and writing in his childhood, due to which he has achieved good position in the field of studies many times in his childhood.

After research, it was found that in his childhood, he passed his primary education from Kid Home Public School located in Brahmpuri, Meerut, after which he passed his high school examination from a college in Meerut.

Later, he reached Haldwani city of Nainital district to pursue his intermediate education, from where he continued his further studies and also took the first step in his blogging career. Initially, his two blogs were unsuccessful.

But he had learned a lot from them. After the failure of his two blogs, feelings of worthlessness began to arise in his mind, but he did not stop himself and continued his work regularly.

One day the idea of starting NS Article came to his mind, after which he laid the foundation of his blog NS Article in the year 2022. After the launch of this blog, he continued working on the blog regularly.

Gradually his blog started becoming popular among the people, most of the Indian users started taking useful information from his blog, after which this blog gradually started making its mark among the people of India.

Nitin Soni’s childhood

Nitin Soni of India spent his childhood in Meerut city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He was more interested in sports and education in his childhood. At the age of 15, he had decided that he wanted to do something to do something better in life.

Such thoughts gradually inspired him to choose his destination in life. After coming to Haldwani city of Uttarakhand state of India, he continued his further studies.

Along with this, he started reading books on many different subjects to increase his experience and knowledge. This decision increased his interest in writing. He read many good famous books, which helped him in future to know about his destination and path.

After some time, increasing his interest, he started writing on his first blog. Gradually he progressed in his blogging career and became the founder of NS Article. Today he is also known as the writer of NS Article.