It’s the time to enjoy endless backyard gatherings! This year, update your deck or patio by acquiring one of these stunning outdoor bar cart and you’ll be happy you made the choice.

Outdoor bar carts carry your host reinforcements wherever you’d like to put them. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your next gathering at the pool, on your patio or your Sunday barbecue having your drinks -as well as their fix-ins ready ensures that your party is smooth and unabated.



There’s a myriad of bar carts for outdoor use available and getting through the noise can be a challenge. Here are some key words to keep an eye on:

  • Weather Resistant:The most important specs to be looking for are words such as “all-weather,” “rust-proof,” “water-resistant,” and other similar terms to ensure that the item you buy is suitable for outdoor use as well as the sun, wind and rain that is bound to happen. Avoid wood that hasn’t been treated and fabrics wood that hasn’t been treated correctly and fabric-covered bars won’t be able to stand it.
  • Use: When buying an outdoor bar cart, you should think about what you’ll use the most frequently. Are you looking for an attractive design element that can display flowers, some bottles of booze , or perhaps your preferred non-alcoholic spirits as well as a bowl of limes and lemons? Perhaps you’re planning to purchase an efficient station allows you to multi-task such as preparing veggies for dinner using cutting boards while having enough space for bar necessities? A few people are also interested in having cabinets or other storage options that keep things away from view when they are not being used.
  • Cost: You should be capable of purchasing an affordable bar cart at $200, or less. On the other hand, higher-end bar carts that come that come with bells and whistles such as the storage compartment, sliding surfaces and so on and outdoor bar carts that include chairs, could cost up to $500.
  • Additional Features: While you are determining your spending budget and the primary role the bar cart serves, consider your style preferencesas well. Outside bar carts which weigh less than (30 grams or less is ideal!) can be used to make moving them around is a breeze.

We’ve included everything from simple designs to wicker wonders waiting to display in your outdoor space with a beachfront. We wish you a great summer!

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1 – Margeurite Bar Cart

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 31.5×42.75×22 inches; 26.46 pounds
  • Material Wood

There’s much to like about this spacious outdoors bar cart. Firstof all, we like the elegant design made of natural, solid woods that are made to last and can stand against the summer heat (i.e. the wood will not darken after years of outdoor use).

The front casters will allow you to move the piece easily. A few thoughtful touches complete the collection, including the top tray with slats and a three-bottle wine standing rack. The natural wood color option serves with a refined yet natural design.

2. Domenica Bar Cart

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 33×34.5×16.5 inches; 15 pounds
  • Materials: Polyurethane, wood

If you’re limited in real space for your deck or patio this modern bar cart is an excellent choice. We’re in love with the sleek French bistro style that’s very fashionable this season (and very timeless, we think) and is available in a variety of colors to match your personal preferences.

With two shelves as well as a solid wood frame. It is mounted on four wheels so it can be moved around according to your needs.

The top shelf is movable and can be used in serving tray serving snacks and drinks right at the table.

3. Outdoor Unity Table

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 52.7×20.3×35.2 inches; 50 pounds
  • Materials:Stainless steel, resin

If you’re in search of an outdoor, multi-purpose cart, this could be exactly what the pitmaster as well as mixologist were thinking of. It’s perfect for those who entertain. This mobile outdoor tables cum storage unit comes with paper towel holders and hooks for grill accessories as well as a bottle opener as well as a spice rack in the interest of cooks at home.

4 – White Longday Bar Cart Serving

Key Specifics

  • Dimensions: 34x21x33 inches; 24 pounds
  • Materials:Aluminum, teak

Do you want to make an unforgettable impression by using a bar cart? This stunning piece is a strong representation of mid-century modern hints and mixed materials to create striking aesthetics.

Made from solid teak and powder-coated resistant to rust This bar cart is capable of standing up to the elements. It also comes with two large trays and cutting boards to make all your favorite drinks prepared.

5 – Caronda Bar Cart Metal

Key Specifications

  • Dimensions: 33.7x33x19.3 inches; 19.2 pounds
  • Materials:Metal, steel

The serving cart made by Wayfair has more than 1,900 5-star reviews. We like the sturdy metal wheel (complete by two locking casters to hold the cart in its place) and the fact that it’s simple to wash down the deck whenever you need to.

While it’s a basic style, it’s still a practical design. By making use of creative accessories and fabrics it is possible to jazz it up.