Primark originally known as Penney’s in Ireland, Dublin but the name Penney’s cannot be used in Europe outside Ireland because J.C Penney’s which is American departmental store chain had the registered name before. Primark sells the wide variety of clothing from newborn to adults, footwear, home ware, confectionery and also beauty products at a meager price. In comparison to other top brand fashion retailers like Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer Primark outfits are up to date in fast fashion trend at an irresistible lower price.

why Primark online shop is missing

Why not online store in future?

Primark still has no plans to start an online store for its consumers. Finance chief officer Johan Bason says against e commerce that ‘’Primark online shopping doesn’t work at the prices which are lower than average” claiming further that it will cost more than average returns if we hire extra staff for delivery and returns of the products purchased online. Thus, it doesn’t seem profitable for Primark to have an online appearance. And for products at such lower prices which are willing to give the shipping cost equal to the product price.

After the success in Ireland and the UK the store has expanded into France, Netherland, Germany, Spain, and the US. The whole of this expansion is without an online store. However, the brand Is known internationally by social media (Primania, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Primark has its website which shows you the recent product and outfits but you can only scroll through them you can’t purchase online.


Primark’s sales reported having a 24% rise during last week which will reach @ billion pounds in six months. Its parent company Associated British foods chief executive George Weston, explained: “We will draw in more customer by making bigger future stores at real locations rather than launching an online website for sale purpose.” The CEO and founder of Fits.Me, Heikki holder explains “The top brands have to invest an enormous amount of money into their online stores making sure to give the best quality customer service and customer experience.” They have to ensure that their online store does not bring their brand rating down by not meeting their customer’s expectations.

The Primark fast fashion retail chain is planning to expand its store’s space since 2006 as the lower than average prices continue to attract more shoppers without the aid of an online store. The owner of the Associated British Foods aims to open 29 more stores in the current year as the store sales reported to be better than the expected sales and profits. And the early trading from recently opened 16 outlets is also beyond expectations. Primark business relies entirely on its brick and mortar stores rather than e commerce George Weston the chief finance officer of AB Foods said in this context “’The best value is to be found on the high street, not online.”