Primark is one of the high street fast fashion retailers known in the Europe and US. It first opened its store in Ireland Dublin in 1969 by Arthur Ryan on behalf of the Weston family who is shareholders in Primark’s parent company Associated British Foods. In Ireland, it is named as Penneys. In 1973 after gaining success in Ireland the company is all set to launch its discount clothing chain in Derby England and then kept on expanding throughout Europe and US with currently over 315 stores and thousands of employees. Primark stayed away from e commerce and gained success entirely by their brick and mortar stores.

What Primark offers you?

Primark as one stop Shop It has a wide variety of contemporary clothes for new born, children, and adults of genders, homeware, beauty products, footwear, and confectionery. They have the aim of attracting their customers with the goal of “amazing products at amazingly lower prices.” Primark is known for selling high street quality clothes with elegant designs and quality fabrics for all ages to give the satisfaction to fashion conscious people at low prices.

For individuals who want contemporary outfits at a lower price, Primark is one stop shop for them. In comparison to other top brands like Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer, Forever21 the Primark price are too low for a middle-class person to afford to buy from them. Still, with such irresistible prices, they are offering the best quality products comparable to above mentioned top brands. You can get anything from its store’s maximum products pricing is less than 40 pounds.

You can have a t-shirt for only 3 pounds, flat sandals for 8 pounds. 10 pounds for bikini sets, rompers for 12 pounds, 8 pounds jeans, 15 pounds for a winter coat. From where else you can have your top-class outfits in this price range. Primark is a store for everyone from budget conscious middle-class people to high-class people wanting the comfort of casual outfits at a lower price. For the shopper who is mad for shopping and who wants to replace their outfits often soon and can afford to ruin their or their children clothes, Primark is the best-suited option to fulfill their shopping craze with its hard to believe prices. The store aims to attract the majority of shoppers aged 35 years or below from middle class who wants to be dressed in a way no less than Zara, H&M, etc. remaining in their budget.

You can have a look on Primark official website displaying recent contemporary products with prices mentioned. Everything displayed on the endless scroll of products on their website including home décor products which are too on lower prices than average. You can’t purchase products online because Primark preferred to stay away from e commerce. And this too is to their benefit as they already have many customers attracted toward their brick and mortar stores without an online store appearance. They have bigger stores to accommodate more shoppers and each year they have some customers than most of the world’s top brands.