The very first Primark Store on Oxford Street was opened by giant discount store of UK, the Primark in 2007. People of London cannot forget the opening ceremony of this store. Shoppers were so excited about the store that the crowd of 3000 rushed towards the door simultaneously and that resulted many injuries.

Injuries were forgotten when they entered the new world of discount. Primark never delivers up to your expectations rather it is used to of delivering far beyond par. If you are living Oxford Street area of London or visiting this area and have time for shopping, do not forget to enter Primark Oxford Street Store. It will not only make you delighted but your pocket will be happy as well because you will go out with lots of stuff with very less money spent.

Keeping in view the customer flow, Primark Oxford Street shop has become the main attraction in Oxford Street London. Whenever the idea of shopping comes to the mind of Oxford Street, the very first place that comes to their mind is Primark Oxford Street Store. Shoppers love to spend their time and money here because it is the only store that values the money they earn by spending 8 hours a day.

499 Oxford Street
London, Oxford Street
United Kingdom
Tel: 0207 495 0420

Monday 8.30-10.00
Tuesday 8.30-10.00
Wednesday 8.30-10.00
Thursday 8.30-10.00
Friday 8.30-10.00
Saturday 8.30-9.00
Sunday 12.00-6.00