Primark is the largest store chain offering wide range clothes, fashion accessories and homewares. The prices are low which attracts many customers daily. In Southend on the sea, the Primark store is in The Royals Shopping centre. The exact address of Primark in the shopping centre is The Royals High St, Southend-on-Sea SS1 1DQ, UK. Primark store in Southend-on-Sea is spread over two floors of the Royal Shopping centre and offers the wide range of items. The Royal Shopping Centre also offers easy access to famous seafront attractions. So, you can hang on to these attractions after having a good day at Primark.

Primark Southend Opening and Closing Time

Sunday11 AM – 5 PM
Monday9 AM – 6 PM
Tuesday9 AM – 6 PM
Wednesday9 AM – 6 PM
Thursday9 AM – 6 PM
Friday9 AM – 6 PM
Saturday9 AM – 6 PM


Best Time to Shop at Primark Southend-on-Sea

Like other Primark stores, this is also busiest on Saturdays as people come to shop around for the weekend. Rest of the days are relaxing and peaceful. If you want to shop relaxed, it is recommended to visit the store any day from Monday to Friday. Sunday opening hours are less so people who can’t spare time on Saturday visit the store on Sunday. So, Sunday is also a bit busy day at Primark Southend-on-Sea.

You can reach there by train or bus stopping at the Southend Central Train or Bus station. The train departs after every 20 minutes. Parking facilities are also available for the customers who come in their car. You can call to get information regarding store anytime by calling at 0044 1702 615 014. Primark Southend-on-Sea also offers tax-free shopping and readily accepts all types of major payments options including debit or credit card.