Professions you have never heard of.


With the surge in technology, a door for various career opportunities has opened as well. Now we have hundreds of career options to choose from.

Here are a few unheard and out-of-the-box professions that you should know:-

Environmental Science and Protection Technician:

An environmental science and protection technician takes samples of the environment and natural resources to conduct laboratory tests and research to find the cause and status of pollution and contamination in the environment. 

It includes testing of air, water, and soil, waste management, and inspection of public places and businesses to ensure there are no environmental, safety, or health hazards.

Genetic Counselor 

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals who investigate how genetic conditions might affect an individual, they collect their personal and family health history and determine whether the individual has a genetic condition or not. 

They conduct genetic tests and evaluate genetic information to know the risk for inherited disorders, such as birth defects.

Petroleum Engineer 

Petroleum engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on designing and determining the most effective way to extract oil and natural gas.

They oversee drilling operations and find new and innovative ways to extract oil and natural gas.

Compliance Officer

The compliance officer oversees and manages regulatory compliance issues in an organization. He makes sure that the firm complies with internal policies and bylaws as well as legal requirements and regulations. 

Without compliance officers, organizations might face the risk of violating applicable rules and regulations which will eventually cause reputational damages and monetary fines.

Respiratory Therapist 

Respiratory therapists deal with breathing or disorders. They work under the direction of doctors and conduct various pulmonary function tests on patients ranging from premature infants to elderly people who have trouble breathing.  

They access the lung capacity of the patient by having him breathe into an instrument that measures the flow of oxygen.

Business Operation Manager 

The business operation manager manages all business operations and sets goals across the organization and makes a feasible plan to achieve those goals as well. They help in the coordination of different departments in an organization to meet the end goal. 

Business operation managers estimate a company’s future  performance, prepare financial budgets, determine production goals, and report directly to the CEO.


Logisticians play an important role in the supply chain between an organization and its customers, they oversee the purchasing, transportation, inventory, and warehousing of goods. 

They understand customers’ needs and wants and create plans to meet those needs by identifying the areas for improvements and making the supply of goods more effective.

Think Tank Researcher 

Think tank researchers play an important role in developing and impacting global, national, and regional policies regarding economics, security, politics, environment, science, technology, etc. 

These researchers solve complex problems by identifying policy issues and influencing public policies and public opinions.


Lobbyists are professional advocates who influence the policies, decisions, and actions of the government or legislature lawfully on behalf of individuals and organizations.

Management Analyst 

A management analyst is a professional who works closely with companies and solves managerial and organizational issues to improve organizational efficiency and increase profits. 

They analyze the working of the organization and find ways to increase the revenue and decrease costs.