Real Property / Land Records


The Bexar County Clerk’s Office Recording Division documents, records, and keeps actual assets data, non-public belongings data, notices of trustee sales, army discharges, and public notices. Records whose access is not otherwise limited through law or court docket orders are made to be had through our public facts seek. Click here

Please read below for records on Records, Deeds and Liens, and How to Record Foreclosures.

Legitimate Public Information Search

Recording Records

Real estate documents may be filed and filed in character or using mail at the Bexar County Clerk’s workplace. Original documents with unique signatures are required for recording. The county clerk’s office will now not report a copy.

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A recording is finished immediately at the county clerk’s workplace. Once the files are exceeded over to the cashier, assigned a tool number, and scanned, the unique files are returned.

The submitting charge consistent with the file is $26 for the primary web page and $4 for each additional page. See the Real Property Recording Fees web page for a detailed rate schedule. Cash, credit score playing cards, exams, or money orders are widespread. Please pay the take a look at to the Bexar County Clerk.

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Person Legal To Record Electronically (Section 195.003.)

A Lawyer Licensed In This Kingdom;

a financial institution, financial savings and mortgage union, financial savings financial institution, or credit union doing enterprise beneath the laws of the United States or this State;

a federally chartered lending organization, a federal government-subsidized institution, a tool of the federal government, or someone authorized via the US of America as a pledgee to provide federally insured loans;

someone certified to make loans regulated in this State;

a title coverage company or identify coverage agent licensed to do enterprise in this State;

a business enterprise of this State; either

a municipal clerk.

Deed / Lien Notice

Recording Deeds

After the discharge of the lien is received, you may file the release in man or woman or through the mail. To document it in character, convey the unique release to the Bexar County Clerk’s recording department at Paul Elizondo Tower. To report it through the mail, ship the original document to the Bexar County Clerk’s office inside the courthouse.

The recording rate is $26 for the primary page and $four for each additional page (in keeping with the file). Acceptable sorts of payment are cash, take a look at, or money order. Please pay the take a look at to the Bexar County Clerk.

The county clerk’s workplace does not prepare the deed or any other document. We suggest that you contact your legal professional in case you are worried or have questions about a specific asset. Title groups and legal professionals may be determined within the smartphone e-book or online.

Deed Copies

Once a deed has been filed by way of the county clerk’s office, copies of the deed may be requested if the unique deed is lost.

Plain copies can be located using the reliable public data seek and choosing “Land Records”.

A licensed reproduction may be purchased through a request of an individual or by using mail. To request a duplicate in man or woman, go to the Bexar County Clerk’s Deed Records Department in Paul Elizondo Tower. To request a replica via mail, send the request to the county clerk’s workplace inside the courthouse. The price is $1 consistent with the page and $5 consistent with certification.

Lien Note

Information relating to a lien filed in opposition to assets may be searched via the general public on the County Clerk’s Deed Records Department placed at Paul Elizondo Tower, Suite B109, or through using an authentic information search.

Title coverage and warranted clean identify searches are achieved by way of identifying agencies for a price; Lawyers also can provide criminal advice. Title businesses and attorneys may be located within the smartphone e-book or online.

The county clerk’s office does not guarantee a clean name and is not responsible for any encumbrances at the property. We suggest that you contact your prison consultant if you are worried or have questions about a particular property.

Foreclosures Note

Mortgage foreclosure is the pressured sale of belongings mortgaged as safety for a loan that is in default. Tax foreclosure is the compelled sale of immovable assets with the aid of a government business enterprise for non-price of taxes.

Read beneath for records on foreclosures income, liens, and listings.

Foreclosure Sales And Bidding

Foreclosure income is hung on the first Tuesday of every month between 10:00 a.M. And 4:00 p.M. If the first Tuesday of a month falls on both January 1 or July four, the sale may be hung on the primary Wednesday of the month at the identical time.