When you are on a picnic with your friends or your family you surely take eatable things and drinks with you. You need the plastic plates and cups all the time when you have to eat something on picnics. You can find the plastic plate from anywhere as it is not a difficult thing to find. But choosing right quality of glass sets is not quite easy. All of us face a problem to see our glasses crushed in our bags or they break by falling from our hands. Primark has concentrated on this issue and has solved your this problem gently. There is a set of four fine made plastic cups at Primark which is the best thing to take to your picnic for your all kinds of drinks.

Now you can keep your cups without any worry in your bags or anywhere safely. Primark is your friendly brand so it always brings something special for you. There is a set of four cups in which two colours of cups are of different colours and other two of another different colour. The fantastic look and colour of these cups will make you happy every time you keep them with you in all your parties. All the Primark products are long lasting and this pair of best quality plastic cups will be with you for a long time.  Enjoy your drinks in the new Primark sensational cups. These cups only ask for few coins to get them.