There is an ongoing argument about which marketing strategy, Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing, is best? To answer this, we will explore what makes each marketing strategy unique and describe the benefits of both. First, let’s check the purpose of Social Media Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

 SEO is about revealing in google search results for the audience’s search questions. Your ranking speaks about how much traffic you will drive to your site.

  • Social Media Marketing: 

Social media marketing builds relationships and company awareness when engaging with your viewers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Now that we have established the various qualities, the three significant differences between SEO and Social Media Marketing are below.

1. Content

Content is key in both social media and SEO. Read on to know more about how the content affects each marketing strategy.


Contents that rank higher are written with SEO in mind, and it is very informative to the target audience and based on research. The phrases of content that work great are the ones that give in-depth definitions and answer common questions, such as how to contents. When writing content with SEO, keep in mind that readers want to understand something, and they want to search all the data they are looking for without reading multiple pages.

They wish to be in and out by answering their query without clicking on more than a single link in SEO results. If your data is uninformative, they may leave your website. Long-form contents (at least 1500 words) similar to your target audience tend to have the most progress in search results.

Social Media Marketing

Content for Social Media Marketing sparks empathy. The concentration on a few emotional responses, anger, anxiety, awe drives engagement. The people on social media crop to look for engaging and entertaining content. Nothing is as satisfying as something described emotionally.

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That’s why content that gives emotional responses comes in trend, and Social Media Marketing is all about trending topics. The content that works well on social media is limited, condensed perceptions, emotional headlines, and visuals. 

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2. Audience

Knowing your viewer is crucial to your Social Media and SEO marketing strategies. Keep on reading to learn how planning with the audience in mind assists direct and concentrates both marketing strategies.


When optimizing content for users, this takes time and research to find your target audience, so; your SEO strategy must include creating Marketing Personas. Whenever you generate marketing personas, you can create fictitious customers with the same qualities as your ideal client. Then, you will generate a marketing strategy based on the target persona.

Social Media Marketing

Social media permits you to target your viewers with ease. Most social media sites have built-in targeting options for marketing purposes. Also, well documented demographic on which type of people visit each of the social media platforms, which assist you in understanding a lot about ‘who they are? Users on social media interact, share, and engage with content.

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Indeed, 74% of social media users use this for buying decisions. This number can increase for several reasons, like influencer suggestions and the rise of social marketplaces.

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In other words

You can use social media to search for your ideal audience to target with SEO.

3. Success Rate

The measurement of success differs for both Social Media Marketing and SEO. Read on to learn more about this.

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Success for Search Engine Optimization is slow but is a rewarding process. It takes much time — likely some months to potentially years —to obtain enough credibility for ranking well for the competitive keywords. Not to mention, Search Engines take time to search out and index the content.

SEO needs steady effort, but it mostly draws more conversion than Social Media Marketing. SEO is an excellent technique to create visitors, and when a page is live on your website, it can rank highly for the keyword it targets.

Social Media Marketing

Social media takes planning and effort but is the best way to build brand awareness and interact with your targeted audience. 


SEO is best from the above two marketing strategies; SEO is best as it will assure that Search Engines can read your content, and social media marketing will help you get your content in front of more people quickly. The more people see the page, the more are chances of linking to this, sharing to social media, or being engaged with the content.

SEO is concentrated on optimizing the website for search engines. The optimization is important because Search Engines efficiently create higher traffic to your site than all the social media platforms combined. People can also visit sites from given links on social media to check the coupons, discounts, and deals.