The major reason behind the popularity of sneakers among consumers was the introduction into sports, especially basketball. Before coming the “Chuck Taylor” to the basketball there was never a specific shoe, which is associated with the basketball. He was the semi-pro player of basketball who became the salesman with the Converse sneakers in the year 1921 and promoted the sneakers so well that he eventually became the official face of the sneaker. It was the very first athletic shoe, which is endorsed by a celebrity. So, you can say that he played an important role in the history of sneakers.

Sneakers Go Global:

There is no doubt that the history of the sneaker starts in the year 1921 but sneakers become more popular when they were reorganized internationally in the year 1924. When a person named Adi Dassler created the sneaker, which he named after himself “Adidas”. The brand has become the most popular athletic shoe in the world. The celebrity wore Adidas when he won four medals of gold at the Olympic Sports festival in the year 1936. In the history of sneakers, people can’t ignore Adi’s brother’s efforts for the sports because he started his new sports shoe company called “Puma”.

In the history of the sneakers, most people started wearing sports shoes to play sports in the first half of the 20th century. But in the year 1950, kids began to wear these sports shoes as a fashion statement. In the history of sneakers, we have seen that more teens follow “fad” after seeing James Dean in special sport’s shoes called sneakers in the popular movie named “Rebel Without a Cause”.

Innovative Prices of the Sneakers:

Sales of sneakers were started in the year 1984, when “Michael Jordan” signed a contract of wearing the Nike show that is called “Air Jordans”. It was the most famous sneaker that is ever made. After his retirement, his shoes continued to be the best seller shoe. Nike, Reebok, & Adidas played an important role in the history of sneakers and they competed with each other for the best quality products. They’ve changed the way sneakers look by adding wild color into their designs and doing away with laces. Within no time sneakers started to be manufactured for all types of sports including walking, skateboarding, and cross-training.


So, yes this was the whole history of the sneakers. We have tried to provide you all the information regarding the sneakers. The famous brands desire to produce & introduced the special shoes for the sportspersons. And they also succeed in getting their goal.