The most effective method to Use Salt to Make Snowflakes in Watercolor


While you’re painting a scene that is snowing, leaving many minuscule bits of white on your painting is unimaginable. The mystery is to take salt from your kitchen and use it in your work of art.

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Make a Watercolor Winter Wonderland

Have a table or squashed salt close by to make snowflakes in your canvas as the need might arise to sprinkle it on the wet wash. The salt retains the paint, framing a small star around each salt.

Apply a wash or scene to your snowflake scene. Lay the artistic creation level face down. Watch it dry, and not long before it sparkles, sprinkle salt.

Pass on its level to completely dry. Show restraint! At the point when it’s totally dry, scour off the salt with your mind or a spotless, dry brush.

This is significant when you apply salt. Assuming the wash is too wet, the salt will assimilate a lot of the paint and soften, making the snowflakes excessively huge.

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Assuming that the wash is too dry, the salt will not assimilate enough of the paint and you will not get snowflakes.

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Try not to involve a lot of salt as it ruins the delightfulness with this impact, and don’t attempt to settle while taking other factors into consideration. Snowflakes ought to be irregular.

To make the snowstorm, tip the artistic creation somewhat so the paint and salt slide to the side.

Note: The utilization of salt can influence the pH of the paper, and consequently its life span or chronicled properties, so attempt to downplay salt on the paper.


Powdered or ground salt gives improved results than table salt since it is thicker.

This strategy doesn’t function admirably on paint that has dried and yet again wetted.

Salt can be utilized similarly to make a brilliant sky on dull washes or to give a surface to walls or shakes covered with lichens.