Have you ever experienced sitting on a sofa and then finding it difficult to get up? This occurs regularly with older people or individuals that are not very mobile. These types of people often find it difficult to stand up or lift themselves out of this type of sofa.

A soft and comfortable sofa shouldn’t mean that you should sink too deeply into the sofa, yet it should still ensure the seating is comfortable enough allowing for easy movement. There are several sofas that work well for older individuals to choose from, but what should you look for when it comes to choosing the right sofa for yourself or an elderly relative that already has an issue with mobility?

The Firmness Of The Chair Or Sofa

A sofa for a senior has to be firm enough so that they don’t sink into the chair or sofa. If their joints are cramped or stiff, a soft sofa will encourage the person to sink in when they sit down. We have mentioned this topic in previous posts, how these sofas are responsible for increasing the likelihood of back problems in people, as sinking into one of these soft sofas can make it hard to rise out of the sofa which often encourages bad posture, shoulder and neck strain, and this also applies to older individuals.


Even the way a person sits down may need adjustments for people that are less mobile. Occupational therapists and physiotherapists should give you the best advice on the correct way to sit down and stand up from a chair when you are experiencing issues with sitting down and getting up. By resting your arms on each armrest and then moving to the end of the sofa and then slowly lifting your body up from the chair using your arms to push up can make this task a bit easier.

If you use a Walking Aid, avoid using your walker to pull yourself up. It could be unsteady, move, or shift causing you to fall. Only reach for your walker once you are upright and stable.

The Seat Height

Higher seating on an armchair or sofa is the best seat height for an older person as they offer an easier way to get into and stand up from the chair due to the way they are positioned. The lower seats, such as the traditional Chesterfield sofas places excessive strain or pressure on the lower back, ankles, and knees and is not recommended for people with a mobility issue. Read these Nebraska Furniture Mart reviews and find the perfect seating.

The Armrests

The armrests should be at a height that is high enough so that your arms rest comfortably without the need to move your shoulders. When you use the armrests your shoulders shouldn’t be raised and they should also not drop. It is important to try out the armrests on sofas and armchairs at a store before you decide to buy one. You are welcome to come and try our sofas and chairs in our Blackburn showroom.

Recliner Sofas And Chairs

Recliners are a good choice for seniors that have less mobility as this type of seating allows for a way to first sit down and then you can change the position to the most comfortable position for you. With a headrest and full back, the leg rest that rises up is typically operated by a lever or with an electronic-button. Some of these recliners can go into a fully flat or horizontal position. However, this position is not suggested for seniors.

The advantages of recliners are that they can offer a level of relief when it comes to stiff joints along with providing a way to relax comfortably while avoiding back, shoulder, and neck strain. Feel free to browse through our extensive range of high-quality recliner chairs and sofas.