The last few time has been a roller coaster ride, filled with difficulties and new challenges every day. But these times have taught us about our loved ones more and to spend some quality time with our close ones. Many have even celebrated their love by tying knots or putting a wedding ring on them. 

Talking about wedding rings, have you noticed that there has been a shift in the trend and more and more people are opting for Gemstone rings rather than diamonds. This includes various reasons from gifting a gem with certain healing properties to keep them safe, to representing their love with a dedicated gem, cost-effectiveness, and uniqueness. 

But these Gemstone rings are not just restricted to engagements or weddings. People wear Gemstone Jewelry as they are very much in trend these days. Jewelry enthusiasts are going crazy over the metaphysical properties of different wonderful crystals. 

With Valentine’s week nearby, in case you are planning on gifting Valentine’s Day Jewelry either to your partner or yourself, here is a guide for you describing the Top 7 gemstone ring pieces that you can purchase. Let’s get started.

  • Opal Rings  

When it comes to Gemstone Rings, you cannot miss Opal crystals and even other Opal Gemstone Jewelry. Its beautiful shine and play of colors are highly adorned. It is an October Birthstone and ignites a feeling of deep love and passion in the wearer. Gifting an Opal Ring to your partner or to yourself will allow pure love to enter your life.

  • Garnet Rings  

Talking about rings and not mentioning Garnet is itself a crime. Garnet Jewelry is highly cherished for its deep pomegranate red color. It represents love and passion with its color. It goes by the name January Birthstone and is a perfect choice when it comes to gifting it to your partner. The elegancy it adds to any attire is highly plausible and trendy in the world of fashion. 

  • Moldavite Rings  

Moldavite Crystal is actually very unique and holds a story of itself. This rarity makes Moldavite Jewelry a perfect gift for someone you love. If you are someone who likes that there should be an exciting story behind their jewelry pieces, this gem is the one for you. Also, the beautiful forest green color of this crystal mesmerizes your heart. Moldavite rings are really in trend because of this unexampled beauty.

  • Turquoise Rings – 

Turquoise Crystal is famous for acting like an amulet and protecting the wearer from any physical illness or threats. This makes the Turquoise Jewelry to be cherished by many these days. Turquoise Rings are really aesthetic in appearance and cocktail size stones make perfect statement jewelry. Gifting this to someone will not only just keep them protected but also make them the talk of the town. 

  • Moonstone Rings  

Another beautiful signature of love is represented by Moonstone Jewelry. The crystal is itself believed to be absorbed by the powers of the Moon known as Moon Magic. And this is one of the reasons why the jewelry made by Moonstone is also called Moon Magic Jewelry. Gifting a moonstone ring will only represent your love for your partner.

  • Libyan Desert Glass Rings  

Libyan Desert Glass is a natural stone that has a different and unique translucent appearance. These rings are very much in trend for their raw appearance and if you are someone who likes their jewelry in the natural form just like your personality, this is the perfect gemstone for you. Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry and other accessories are a must-have in your collection.  

  • Raw Crystal Rings – 

Another trending ring include the name Raw Crystal which is again a naturally obtained pure gem. It has become the center of attention for many because of its genuine appearance and rareness. People love something unique these days which can draw the attention of others quickly, and trust me Raw Crystal Jewelry is highly capable of that.        

These were a few Trending rings that can amplify the beauty of your wardrobe and accent your personality. But also it is important to purchase your jewelry from a trusted source that can provide you with authentic Gemstone jewelry. One such platform is Rananjay Exports where you get Genuine Gemstone Jewelry made with pure 925 sterling silver. 

Include these rings in your collection today and be the diva you have always wanted to become. 

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My name is Hadleigh Perez, and I have a keen interest in the field of writing. I have written a couple of articles on various gemstones and would love to express my opinion on more such stones. Hope it has maximized your knowledge of gemstone jewelry and satisfied your quest to buy wholesale Opal Jewelry from an authentic place. We believe in quality and offer the same in our information and products.