As all know that every business needs the security of the data of their customers, same as that, apart from all corporate sectors and other financial departments, the educational institutions also require safety of the personal sensitive credentials of their staff and the students. Academic sectors need to secure their spaces because they are the ones who are also covering all details of paid fees and salaries of their students.

Also, staff along with the data which reflects their backgrounds like, the guardians of students, home contact number, and amount of their fees, and in the case of staff, their phone numbers, bank account numbers, and many other details. Like other business associations, educational departments are also on the lists of all cybercriminals because it is the most sensitive organization. No doubt these free educational resources departments are providing high-quality education but they need to be investigated thoroughly. To combat the fraud cases in these institutions, a biometrics identity verification system is introduced.


How Identity Verification is Defined?

Authentication of identity is defined, as it is a mechanism of verification of all individuals, who are onboarding in a system, or if talking about educational institutions, those who came for admissions online as a student or applying as an employee for the job. Basically, this process is performed for verifying that the entities who are coming for enrolment are the authentic ones or the imposters, who are joining with the intentions of harming a system and dragging them down in reputation drastically to fulfill their illicit objectives. Identity verification is a mandatory step which is a necessity of the contemporary time because the crime rates are more now as compared to previous times and are still increasing.

 Why is Online Identity Verification Prestigious?

Authentication of an individual is necessary, it helps an association to determine the fraudsters who are negatively affecting the systems. This compliance will help in distinguishing the entities who are playing with the personal data of the students as well as the staff, that can be from outside of the institution or can be a part of the department, for the safety of such identity theft the identity verification SaaS provider is working. It examines all those fraudsters who are trying to dodge these systems. Thus, this process is performed with the help of KYC and AML regulations, which supports the working of automated online identity verification in a robust manner dental schools with the easiest admission requirements.

Forget About Traditional Identity Authentications

There was a time when identification was performed in person by observing heavy files by standing up in the lines for a long time, that was the traditional means of examination that might also not have accurate results, as well as having a lot of errors in it. But, now as the world is getting advanced and developing new technologies, the manual means of verification is not worthless, that is why digital identity verification was introduced, which is an automated solution and will accommodate an association with accurate results in real-time, and have no errors in it. Thus, it is the only reason that online identity authentication software was introduced.

How is Verification of Identity Performed?

Verification of identity has a proper walkthrough to be followed, for better outcomes, in which the first step is the registration of an individual of an institution whether he is a member of staff or a student, he is bound to register himself by submitting the credentials like name, and date of birth.

After that, the identity is proofed by showing government-approved documents like a passport, driving license, and national identity card.

In the third step of verification, with the services of the OCR and KYC compliance, the whole process is carried out in which the data, for example, the name, address, and date of birth on the document is analyzed in-depth for authentic results. After these steps, a user is also bound to submit his selfie, so that it can be cross-matched with the picture that is given on the real documents. This will help businesses to assess that the entity that is entering the space is authentic, not a fraud. After all these steps, the outcomes are provided in real-time.

Benefits of Customer Identity Verification

There are countless benefits of this customer identity verification SaaS provider, such as,


  • It secures an institute from fraudsters
  • The personal credentials of an individual are safeguarded through this regulation
  • It works in real-time
  • It examines high-alert entities typing to enter in a system

Summing It All

To conclude the whole conversation, it is assumed that verification of identity is an essential mechanism for all businesses to ensure that the individuals entering the organization are genuine or are just pretending to be authentic, as well as it helps to observe that whether they are harmful or not for the businesses.